Just get in touch! It’s my job to lead you through the process…

All great voice overs start with a great script! If you have one already prepared, simply send it to me. If you have ideas, but would like some help pulling these together into a script just let me know – I can assist with preparing it.

I will provide an upfront quotation for the job, and advise about my availability and ability to meet your project deadlines. It’s helpful to know if there are any particular time or budget restrictions at this stage, so that I can do my best to meet them and make helpful suggestions.

Of course! I have a lot of experience working with different clients needs for Radio, TV and digital applications (as well as training in editing audio files). I enjoy the challenge of finding a way to make audio available in work settings. Recent examples include finding a way to include voice in a tour guide setting, and in presentations that don’t traditionally include voice.

If you don’t already know what file type you would like delivered (e.g. MP3 or .wav), tell me how the file is to be used and I can advise. I’ll need to know if you want the voiceover delivered on one file or split into individual voice files – but again we can discuss this if you are not sure.

I can edit the sound file as necessary to fit in with your needs.

I can advise the best way to transfer the completed audio files to you if you are unsure or don’t have a preferred method.

No – the price quoted covers the script that was provided and includes any instructions we discussed.

Additional charges could apply if you make changes to the script which necessitates my re-recording the audio.  For this reason it’s important to be completely happy with the script before we begin the recording process. I always recommend that you read the script out loud before you finalise it as that will give you a really strong idea of how it is going to sound.

If changes made to the files after recording (e.g. you would like additional silence gaps added between different audio sections or you would like the files to be split in a different way to the original instructions) there could be a small additional charge for this.

If you give me instructions that would incur any charge additional to my original quote I will be clear about this at the time the request is made.

Once you have your script it is important that you read it through out loud so that you can get a good idea of how it will sound and make sure that you are 100% happy with the wording. Very often you’ll find you have to make changes, as the written word sometimes doesn’t sound as natural or flowing when read aloud.

If there are any words within your script that have difficult or ambiguous pronunciations (such as product names, place names, peoples names), you should include phonetic version so I know how to pronounce it. Alternatively, we can check pronunciation over the phone or you can send me through a recording of you saying the word(s).

As long as you can provide me with guidance about the script, voice styles, the kind of impression you want to make and message you’re trying to communicate, I can annotate and pick apart the detail of the script before recording and we’ll work together until I have the delivery you want.

I’m a fluent Scottish Gaelic speaker, though not a translator by profession. Gaelic translation is a tricky job – there are often multiple words for the same meaning, and different pronunciations of the same word and differences in the exact language used between different geographical areas… It takes someone very specifically skilled in the field of Gaelic translation to perform formal translation work.  However if, as part of the service of providing a voiceover you need a little guidance on the pronunciation of a Gaelic place name or how something might be best expressed in Gaelic, I can help.

I have a number of Gaelic Translator contacts so if you are looking for contact details then just let me know.

I’m regularly asked to pull together voiceovers at short notice. Let me know your requirements and I’ll do my very best to help! I’ll always be upfront and honest about what I can realistically achieve, but I’m happy to work an evening or reorganise my schedule to help fulfil your need if I possibly can.

I am experienced in live radio presentation, having fronted several shows (including the Scottish Chart Show). I have experience in presenting to camera and also presenting evening events such as concerts and ceilidhs… so if you have a proposal along these lines I would be delighted to discuss it with you!