Voiceover Group

With a Little Help from Our Friends

How Monthly Meetings on Google Hangouts are enriching the VO journeys of 6 voice-over artists By Carrie Afrin, Debby Barnes, Mike Broderick, Mel Elliott, Steve O’Neill, and Guy Slocombe   Beginning in April this year, a group of four of us (Debby, Mel, Mike, and Steve) started meeting once a ...
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gaelic speaking puppets

My Little Gaelic Speaking Family

My finger puppet family have arrived.  I have a gaelic speaking Granny, Grandad, Mam, Dad and a sister and a brother.  They are going to help the nursery children to learn about Gaelic vocab for families, ages and basic conversation. I've been practising with my little boy who is nursery ...
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My Little Gaelic Speaking Friends

Look who arrived today..... My lovely animal puppets. These little guys only speak Gaelic and they are going to help me to teach the nursery children Gaelic. I’d like to introduce you to Calum an Cù, Mairi am Muc and Tormod an Tunnag. I have some more small finger puppets ...
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carries voice rode mic

Brand Spanking New Audio Set Up! Excited much??

I'm like a little child at Christmas. My new Rode microphone has arrived and I think I'm in love 🙂 I had problems with my new sound card order - it was coming directly from the manufacturer in Germany and it seemed to take forever!  All is well now though ...
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Windows 8

Windows 8 and Microphone or Adobe Audition not compatible? Read this..

I was having problems recording in Windows 8 using my Adobe audition and my USB mic. I thought my microphone had given up the ghost as no matter how much I changed the audio settings (including level settings in ‘Recording Devices’ in the bottom right hand corner of the computer) ...
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carries voice on twitter

Website , Facebook and Twitter Up and Running

It is day one of Carrie's Voice and I can't wait to get started! I will be concentrating on promoting my Voiceover work both in English and in Scottish Gaelic. I'm based in the Scottish Highlands and I am very lucky to have a very clear accent that is easily ...
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